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• Sergey Kuryokhin and Pop Mekhanika – all documents
• Сергей Курёхин и Поп-механика – все документы

Letter 10 • 16 February 1984


February 16, 1984

Dear Hans

When your letter got Leningrad I was in Königsberg (Kaliningrad now) with my job’s affairs, and returned to Leningrad in the end of January. Last week I went to Riga, so only now I can answer you. Two days ago I received ‘Vocal Summit’ from you. Great thanks. I’ve heard about Lauren Newton a lot before and this LP proved that she is excellent vocalist.

I’m glad to hear that you are going to go to Russia again. When I was in Riga, jazz friends in there are waiting for your visit and planning to organize some sessions. I hope we’ll manage something in Leningrad, too.

On Feb 7 and 8 Vladimir Chekassin played in Leningrad at the concerts of four saxophonists. He played solo with half of casiton, two tape recorders, drum, percussion etc. It was very funny.

In January ‘String Connection’ performed in Leningrad but unfortunately then I was in Königsberg.

Today I send you two new jazz releases on Melodya: 1) Tarasov – Ganelin duo; 2) ‘Barometer’ – record of the jazz quintet of the soloists of the Garanian’s ‘Melodya’ ensemble. (Selections: Wind Blow Energy Day, Three Horizons, The Frost and the Sunshine, The Rain Which Was not, White Silence) feat. Zubov on tenor.

Best wishes


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