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• Sergey Kuryokhin and Pop Mekhanika – all documents
• Сергей Курёхин и Поп-механика – все документы

Letter 11 • 10 March 1984

Khrenov, Leningrad

March 10, 1984

Dear Hans

As I’ve learned you’ll come to the Soviet Union in April. O.K., the sooner, the better. Of course, in the spring more musicians and jazz fans will be in the city.

For the last three weeks I lived in the country (30 km from Leningrad), I was skiing a lot and the like.

There are practically no any musical news. On March 6 The Strange Games played at the concert for the Peace Foundation. These days the jazz Festival takes place in Kustanai (Kazachstan). Sergej Kurjochin takes part in the Festival with solo performance.

Wiktor Sologub, bass player of the Strange Games, decided to make himself electric bass of his own design. For this he needs ‘Di Marzio’ model PTM and JTM bass pick-ups and Valve tune dual port machines for Ibanez Musician Bass. Couldn’t you help him with this matter?

Our Club as a musical section of the LTO-81 got new space for sessions and rehearsals at the loft of building. We had small piano lifted up to the room, so from now on we may organize any session and concerts.

Yours very truly


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