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• Sergey Kuryokhin and Pop Mekhanika – all documents
• Сергей Курёхин и Поп-механика – все документы

Hans Kumpf to Sergey Khrenov • 30 December 1983

Dec. 30th, 1983

Dear Sergeus,

Today I got your letter with the latest news about E. Dean and the USSR Polls. Thank you very much for the letter I got before and the two LPs. I didn’t hear it till now. But I want to visit Tallin, and therefore it is a good information for me.

The JP [Jazz Podium] wasn’t interested to print a report about your autumn festival. You know – they didn’t want to publish my “punk jazz“ experiences in Leningrad, too. If you are writing many Soviet names and dates the readers in the West can’t understand it. I of course know some names and persons.

Originally a little Underground cassette label wanted to release some music of Aquarium, Strange Games and of

But I met the guy only once – I have to try that I get telephone contact to him again.

I was invited by the German Embassy in Moscow to play a concert. And in the end of January the Goethe Institut will make decisions about my Soviet plans. Anyhow I planning to make a tourist tour again in summer.

Then I would be in Leningrad from August 1st till 4th (morning) and the 10th. I want to visit the Baltic Republics and the only possibility for that are my summer holidays. I hope there are not all jazz fans on vacation.

It’s bad that I can’t fly to Cairo to hear Ilona in the big band – the charter plane is full already. Tomorrow I have tow performances of the musical “Cabaret”. It’s quite funny.

All the best for 1984,

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