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Letter 2 • 30 January 1982

Sergeus A. Khrenov


Leningrad 192241


January 30, 1982

Dear Hans

Here is some information for Jazz Podium

Drummer Wladimir Tarassow of famous Ganelin / Tarassow / Tschekassin Trio of Vilnius visited Leningrad as a ‘Konzertmeister’ of the Lithuanian Symphonic Orchestra. On this occasion the Contemporary Music Club (CMC) organized session which took place in the Architects’ House on January 29. On this set Tarassow played with the Leningrad musicians: pianist Sergej Kurjochin, flugelhornist Wjatscheslaw Gajworonsky and bassist Wladimir Volkow. The session begun with the trio: Tarassow, Volkow and Gajworonsky on piano(!). After that musicians played as a quartet and in different trios and duos and Tarassow performed long virtuoso solos. Although radicalist Sergej Kurjochin, who played more on strings and inners of piano than on keys and also tapped with two chairs against the floor, dropped out of ensemble sometimes, the music of spontaneously comprised band led by complex and intensive pulse of Tarassow’s drums was breathtaking.

Tarassow told us that the Jazz Café opened in Vilnius in January. (It’s unique event for the USSR). Recently in the Jazz Café performed the Oleg Molokojedow Ensemble featuring young talented tenor & altosaxophonist Pjatras Vischnjauskas [Petras Vyšniauskas].

– Sergej Khrenov

This winter is very strong and freezy in Leningrad. The temperature was -20˚C and more. But in April (time of our Spring Sessions and your visit to Leningrad) weather should will be fine. I hope to see you soon.

Yours S. Khrenov

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