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• Sergey Kuryokhin and Pop Mekhanika – all documents
• Сергей Курёхин и Поп-механика – все документы

Letter 3 • 29 February 1982


February 29, 1982

Dear Hans

I’ve received another JSL [LP Jam Session Leningrad] from you and gave it to Anatoly [Vapirov?]. Besides that thank you very much for translating my report for ‘Jazz Podium’.

The month of February was very ‘jazzy’ in Leningrad this year. On Febr. 13-15 celebrated Yugoslavian vibraphonist Boško Petrović visited our city with his trio. The B.P. Trio played jazz standards and also themes by Petrović. On Febr. 13 Sergej Kurjochin’s Crazy Music Orchestra performed at the C.M.C. The 9-piece band, comprising only Leningrad musicians this time, played Kurjochin’s new work entitled (in old Greek) ‘Votsu Nagi’.

The Musicians of the 1981 year Wladimir Tschekassin of Vilnius visited Leningrad in February. On Febr 22 he as[??] played at the C.M.C. with Sergej Kurjochin (p, dr, perc), Wjatscheslaw Gajwaronsky (tp, flh) and Wladimir Volkov (b, dr, perc) and also solo encore (including his famous encore “Summer Time”). On Febr. 23 Tschekassin played in duo with Kurjochin at the LTO-81 Literary association. Their music was striking.

In February ’82 the ‘Arsenal’ ensemble also gave concerts in Leningrad (February 17-22). In its jazz-rock fusion the jazz was not at the first place.

Best wishes


S. Khrenov

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