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Letter 4 • 12 July 1982

July 12, 1982


Dear Hans

Thank you very much for your postcards from Spain and Moers and especially for [the LP] ‘Jam Session Moscow’. I appreciate the music on this album more interesting and interaction between musicians more successful than on ‘Jam Session Leningrad’. However the quality of sound is not well enough again.

In June (24-27) I was at the ‘Vasaris Ritmi (The Rhythms of Summer) Jazz Festival in Riga. Perhaps Sabirjan Kurmaev have already wrote you about this Festival. As the best I would like to mention the performance of the ‘Archangelsk’ ensemble of the city of the same name.

The musical approach of the ensemble calls to mind both British Company and Sun Ra’s Arkestra. Wladimir Resizky which is rather guru than leader of the band conducted spontaneous improvisations of the musicians and controlled the mood and intensity of music delicately. Two bands of Vilnius – famous Ganelin Trio and 24 year old saxophonist Pjatras Wischnjauskas [Petras Vyšniauskas] Quartet played their standard concert programs, showed extra-class mastership but didn’t bring any surprises. Among the Riga’s bands should be remarked the Raimon Raubischko [Raimonds Raubiško] Trio and the Gunar Rosenberg big band. During the Festival’s days was held the conference of jazz critics, journalists and musicologists in which I took part.

Hope to hear from you soon


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