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Letter 5 • 8 December 1982


December 8, 1982

Dear Hans

Thank you for your letter. After I’ve received it Alex received your postcard therin you wrote about problems with trip to Russia. It’s a pity if you and John [Fischer] won’t visit Leningrad this Christmas but I hope to see you soon.

Here are the results of the 2nd annual CMC critics’ poll – Soviet New Jazz ’82: Wladimir Tschekassin is a musician of the year. He is also No. 1 on tenor and alto saxes and clarinet. Wjatscheslaw Ganelin was voted the best pianist and Wladimir Tarassow is a top drummer. These musicians in a trio was voted an ensemble of the year. They follow by Wladimir Resitzky’s [Vladimir Resitsky] ‘Archangelsk’. Ganelin is also named the best composer and his work for trio ‘Poi segue…’ recorded by Soviet ‘Melodya’ label is an album of the year. Wjatscheslaw Gajworonsky [Vyacheslav Gayvoronsky] is No. 1 on trumpet and flugelhorn and No. 2 as a composer. His ‘alter ego’ Wladimir Volkow is the best bassist. The new names in the poll are only Pjatras Vischnjauskas [Petras Vyšniauskas] (No.1 soprano saxophonist), Leonid Winzkewitsch [Leonid Vintskevich] (No.2 pianist and No. 3 composer) and W. Resizky (No. 2 alto saxophonist).

Merry Christmas and

Happy New Year

To you and all your friends

Yours sincerely


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