Evgenij Kozlov

Two Cosmic Systems.

Zwei Kosmische Systeme
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Две КосмическиЕЕ Системы.
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Две КосмическиЕЕ Системы.

                                                                                                                                                I. III. 1991.

              „RUSSKOEE POLEE ®“


      Two Cosmic Systems.

Cosmic System I: The Cosmos in the creator’s personality.

The First System of the Created Order proposes a view and understanding of art – of how it is admired and enjoyed, its focus and development – according to the laws of the Earth.

Cosmic System II = Cosmic System XII:

      -   The Cosmos around.

     System XII implies a view of creation as a whole from the Cosmos, as if the artist had been born in space and had completed their complete path of development and formation solely in it.

Though it is possible to think in such terms, the only way to follow how it develops is via one’s feelings, whereby desire and inspiration lead to a natural merging of the two systems.

According to the theory of Two Cosmic Systems, the artist expands the sphere of his or her creation towards Infinity.

The view out of the Cosmic space is equal and similar to the view from Earth into it. This is the natural process of the development of art. Everything and everyone goes through it. Some individuals are able to feel in harmony with this system and to create works of art, which ultimately brings humanity closer to the Cosmos and makes the entrance of art into the Cosmic space, i.e., into Infinity, spiritual and fruitful.

                          E. Kozlov. 91.

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