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The New Artists • Новые художники

Paintings and collages

ASSA Gallery 1984

Kirill Khazanovich, Oleg Kotelnikov, (E-E) Evgenij Kozlov, Timur Novikov, Иvan Sotnikov

(Е-Е) Евгений Козлов, Олег Котельников, Тимур Новиков, Иван Сотников, Кирилл Хазанович

ASSA Gallery • Timur Novikov's studio on Voinov Street, Leningrad (present-day: Shpalernaya Street, Saint Petersburg)
Галерея «АССА» Тимура Новикова, студия на ул. Войнова Ленинград / ул. Шпалерная, Санкт-Петербург

This page presents two schematic views of the 1984 New Artists exhibition:

– a floor plan of the central part of the communal flat = ASSA Gallery; works are displayed in two rooms

– an installation view with photographic reproductions of the exhibited works

Both plans were compiled using pictures from (E-E) Evgenij Kozlov's photo archive. The length ratios of of the walls is approximate; cardinal points are unknown. The sizes of reproductions are not proportional to each other.

Hannelore Fobo, May 2017

Last updated 1 March 2022