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Andrey Khlobystin • Double Portrait of Hannelore Fobo

Андрей Хлобыстин • Двойной Портрет Ханнелоре Фобо

Filmed by Hannelore Fobo 31 May 2017, at Andrey Khlobystin's study, Saint Petersburg.
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Asked by his artist friend (E-E) Evgenij Kozlov, Andrey Khlobystin draws a portrait of curator and art-collector Hannelore Fobo, which he executes in a Neo-Academist manner – with a double, mirrored profile.

While he is drawing, he is giving a critical account (in Russian) of the current situation of artists and art, defining contemporary art as the ‘art of new barbarism’. In his new book, Khlobystin, artist and art-historian, dedicates to this subjet the chapter ‘Валерий Черкасов – Народный концептуализм / Valery Cherkasov: ‘Folk Conceptualism’.

Khlobystin finishes the portrait with a contour applied with gold and orange spray.

Filmed and edited by Hannelore Fobo.
Pictures for end titles: (E-E) Evgenij Kozlov and Hannelore Fobo

© E-E films by Evgenij Kozlov, 2017

Andrey Khlobystin: "Double Portrait of Hannelore Fobo”
Mixed media on canvas, 40 x 30 cm, 2017

E-E-films by Evgenij Kozlov