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• Sergey Kuryokhin and Pop Mekhanika / Popular Mechanics – all documents
• Сергей Курёхин и Поп-механика – все документы

Sergey Kuryokhin: Improvisations and Performances

by Hannelore Fobo, 2017 / 2018

Part One

Sergey Kuryokhin and Friends: Leningrad Collective Improvisations 1983

Vladimir Boluchevsky (Владимир Болучевский), Igor Butman (Игорь Бутман), Arkady Dragomeshenko (Аркадий Драгомощенко), Vyacheslav Gayvoronsky (Вячеслав Гайворонский), Boris Grebenshikov (Борис Гребенщиков), Alexander Kondrashkin (Александр Кондрашкин), Hans Kumpf (Ханс Кумпф), Sergey Kuryokhin (Сергей Курёхин), Sergey Letov (Сергей Летов), Timur Novikov (Тимур Новиков), Ivan Sotnikov (Иван Сотников) and Vladimir Volkov (Владимир Волков).

page 1 • Preliminary Remarks

page 2 • Hans Kumpf and Sergey Kuryokhin

page 3 • 1980-1981: the first meetings

page 4 • Leningrad Collective Improvisations 1983: pictures and text

page 5 • Timur Novikov and Ivan Sotnikov: the Utiugon.

page 6 • Leningrad Collective Improvisations 1983: music and audio recording (4min 12s fragment)

page 7 • Hans Kumpf: description of the first part (German / English)

page 8 • Sergey Kuryokhin: Introduction (4min 37s) to the first part. Voice recording and transcription with English translation.

page 9 • Sergey Kuryokhin: introductions to the second part. Transcription with English translation and audio fragments.

page 10 • Reference list for Part One and Part Two

Part Two

Pop Mekhanika in the West

Table of Contents >>

page 1 • Pop Mekhanika chronology 1984-1995 >>

page 2 • Touring the West. Expectations and legends >>

page 3 • The three principles of Kuryokhin’s “action on a totally global scale” >>

page 4 • The principle of spontaneity >>

page 5 • Geese and goats as antithesis >>

page 6 • Why shouldn’t one play with a funny nose on? The “styob” >>

page 7 • The formal side of anarchy >>

Part Three

Empire and Magic. Sergey Kuryokhin's “Pop-Mekhanika No. 418” (1995)

Table of Contents >>

page 1 • Introduction >>

page 2Pop-Mekhanika – a National Bolshevik Party band? >>

page 3“Everything related to America is horrible!” >>

page 4The “hedgehog-type” model of an empire, and other paradoxes >>

page 5A new spark in the life of Pop-Mekhanika: Aleister Crowley >>

page 6The Helsinki and Saint Petersburg (Pop-Mekhanika No.418) performances >>

page 7PM No 418. Limonov’s speech concerning Dugin's “The Burden of the Angels” >>

page 8PM No 418. Dugin’s speech concerning “chaos magic” and Crowley's “Ararita” >>

page 9 • Dugin and the salvation of mankind. >>

page 10Revolution: a question of style? >>

5age 11It’s magic! >>

page 12Works cited >>

Hans Kumpf: My Trips to Russia 1980 - 1984

• page 1 • Introductory Remarks / Preface
Leningrad (May/June 1980) Contemporary Music Club

• page 2 • Leningrad (December 1980/January 1981)
LP Recording "Jam Session Leningrad"

• page 3 • Leningrad/Moscow (June 1981)
John Fischer and Sergey Kuryokhin; LP Recording "Jam Session Moscow”

• page 4 • Leningrad / August 1983
Sergey Kuryokhin and Friends: Leningrad Collective Improvisations (english)

• page 5 • Leningrad / August 1983
Sergey Kuryokhin and Friends: Leningrad Collective Improvisations (deutsch)

• page 6 • Moscow, the Baltic States and Leningrad (April 1984)
Pop Mekhanika; LP Recording “On a Baltic Trip”

• page 7 • Documents
Kevin Whitehead: Hans Kumpf and Anatolij Vapirow Trio – Jam Session Leningrad

• page 8 • Documents
Russian Jazz Lives! Milo Fine about Hans Kumpf's recordings (1986)
"Jam Session Leningrad" 1980/81: Hans Kumpf / Anatoly Vapirov / Sergey Kuryokhin / Alexander Alexandrov
"Jam Session Moscow” 1981: John Fischer / Hans Kumpf / Leonid Tchizhik / Alexey Zubov
“On a Baltic Trip” 1984: Hans Kumpf / Lembit Saarsalu / Vyacheslav Ganelin / Rejn Rannap / Ivars Galenieks / Vladimir Tarasov

• Sergey Khrenov: The Leningrad Jazz Scene 1981-1984 • Letters to Hans Kumpf

Sergey Kuryokhin and Pop Mekhanika. Performances.

• Moscow • 14 April 1984, 'PM 2', Moskvorechie Palace of Culture. Pictures by Hans Kumpf

• Leningrad • 19 November 1984, 'PM 12', University. Pictures by (E-E) Evgenij Kozlov

• Leningrad • 27 December 1985, Rock Club Pictures by (E-E) Evgenij Kozlov

• Leningrad • 6 May (?) 1986 , Club Mayak, with Chekasin. Concert for Nikolai Obukhovich's documentary Диалоги / Dialogues. Pictures by (E-E) Evgenij Kozlov

Sergey Kuryokhin: Records

• Jam Session Leningrad 1980/81: Hans Kumpf / Anatoly Vapirov / Sergey Kuryokhin / Alexander Alexandrov

• Popular Mechanics 'Insect Culture' • Популярная Механика 'Насекомая культура' 1985 / 1987
Sergey Kuryokhin / Valery Alakhov / Igor Verichev / Igor Butman. Ark Records, Liverpool.
Introduction and photos

• Hannelore Fobo: 'Popular Mechanics – Insect Culture' and 'stiob'
A lecture at the Institue of Advanced Studies, UCL, London

• Popular Mechanics 'Insect Culture' press review (1987)

• Pop Mekhanika featuring Westbam. Live at Riga (1987).

Interviews with Sergey Kuryokhin:

Interview with Alexander Kahn [Kan], December 1981, published in "Cadence", 1983

Interview with Graham Dullfill, Spring 1982, published in the "Leningrad Contemporary Music Club” magazine

Interviews about Sergey Kuryokhin:

Bernhard Druba «Диалоги промежуточного времени» /“Dialogues in an Interim Time”

External link at Colta Specials, 17 January 2019, in Russian: Бернард Друба об учебе в предперестроечном Ленинграде, знакомстве с советским андерграундом и дружбе с Сергеем Курехиним. / Bernhard Druba about studying in pre-perestroika Leningrad, the Soviet underground and his friendship with Sergey Kuryokhin.

(E-E) Evgenij Kozlov: About Leningrad's Art and Music Scene
– Sergey Kuryokhin, the New Composers, and Tanzpol, the first Russian Techno Club (2023)

Sergey Kuryokhin: Articles

Михаил Трофименков 'Красная магия, или Здравствуйте, девочки …' 1995
Mikhail Trofimenkov, Red magic or Hi, girls … 1995 (in Russian)

Сергей Курехин 'С Новым годом Зверя!' 1996
Sergey Kuryokhin 'Happy New Year of the Beast!' 1995 (in Russian)

Александр Полищук 'Поп-механика в ДК Ленсовета' 1995
Aleksandr Polishchuk, 'Pop-Mekahnika at the DK Lensoviet' (PM 418), 1995 (in Russian and English)


• Sergey Chubraev about Sergey Kuryokhin. A Lecture at the Muzeum Sztuki, Lodz, Poland, 2016 (in Russian)

• Sergey Kuryokhin and Friends – Leningrad Collective Improvisations 1983: Fragment, with “Utiugon"

• Hannelore Fobo: 'Popular Mechanics – Insect Culture' and 'stiob'
A lecture at the Institue of Advanced Studies, UCL, London

Alexander Titov about 'Aquarium' - 'Kino' - 'Pop Mekhanika'.
An interview with Hannelore Fobo, London, 2018

Sergey Kuryokhin – alternative transliterations: Sergej Kurjochin, Sergei Kuriokhin, Sergei Kurekhin
Поп-механика, Популярная Механика – Pop-Mekhanika, Pop Mekhanika, Popular Mechanics, Pop Mechanics


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