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Underground and Improvisation

Alternative music and art after 1968

Akademie der Künste, Berlin


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Symposium Underground and Improvisation 19.4. - 21.4. 2018
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Texts: Courtesy Akademie der Künste

19 April 2018

Trans Osteuropa Express Unearthing The Music Presents Notes from the Underground.
A Compilation >>

David Crowley, Chris Bohn, Alexander Pehlemann. Presenter: Angela Lammert

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For the Berlin installation of the Notes from the Underground exhibition, a compilation was prepared with the Portuguese project Unearthing The Music, which makes the experimental music of real socialism available online. It is to be released as a double LP on Leipzig's Major label as part of its new Iron Curtain Radio series and offers sounds between the level of official art and deepest subculture, which were often hardly ever heard beyond the country's borders, especially not in this constellation. It provides a clue as to what is still to be discovered in those Eastern sound zones that were not (or only barely) caught up in any hype.

To launch the symposium, the compilation will be presented with Chris Bohn from the British magazine The Wire, who was the first Western music journalist to travel through parts of Eastern Europe at the beginning of the 1980s, in search of this region's Underground – which resulted in the Trans-Europe Express series of articles in NME.
Camera Hannelore Fobo

19 April 2018

Talk and musical intervention >>
Frank Bretschneider and Daniel Muzyczuk

Frank Bretschneider, one of the founders of the band AG Geige, speaks to curator Daniel Muzyczuk about punk in the East German underground and his personal evolution toward club culture electronic music since the 1990s. In a musical Intervention, Bretschneider provides an insight into his current work.
Camera: Hannelore Fobo

20 April 2018

What was "Underground" in Eastern and Western Europe? >>
Katalin Ladik, David Crowley, Emese Kürti. Presenter: Angela Lammert

Katalin Ladik used her naked body as a medium of rebellion and subversion. She achieved a position of proactive resistance provoking directly the masculine dominance and becoming an anti-normative, aesthetically unclassifiable rule breaker through her "otherness", through the performative extension of her poetry, exploring the limits of both language and body language. She is a member of contemporary marginal art. Her voco-visual improvisations, the fleshiness of her sound creation, her vital-erotic gests made her one of the most radical and most vulnerable female artists in the West of the East, in former Yugoslavia.

Camera: Hannelore Fobo

20 April 2018

What was "Underground" in Eastern and Western Europe? >>
Piotr Rypson, Daniel Muzyczuk, Mara Traumane

Piotr Rypson, today deputy director of the Warsaw National Museum, was in the 1970s a pioneer of the Polish "underground" and activist between art and punk. He began collaborating with the Remont Gallery in 1978, then run by Henryk Gajewski, and edited the gallery's magazine Post. The curator Daniel Muzyczuk and the art historian Mara Traumane will discuss with him what kind of "underground" experiences can be transferred between past and present.
Camera: Hannelore Fobo

21 April 2018

Underground and Right-Wing Politics >>
Hannelore Fobo, Claudia Hamm, Daniel Muzyczuk. Presenter: Angela Lammert

Joanna Stingray, American singer, actress and music producer, was a key figure in the dissemination of Soviet and Russian rock music and its culture to the West in the 1980s. In the mid-1990s, some representatives of the Leningrad underground were drawn near right-wing politics. So did the Pop Mechanics' Sergey Kuryohkin, as well as Eduard Limonov, the author who was designated from the Soviet Union in 1974, and who founded the National Bolshevik Party of Russia in 1994. A tendency that is highly explosive throughout Europe. These differently charged decades will be discussed in the panel with the curator Hannelore Fobo, the theatre director and translator Claudia Hamm and the curator Daniel Muzyczuk.
Camera: Mireille Besnard

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