Evgenij Kozlov - Евгений Козлов

Б.н. (Шок АРТ) O.T. / (Shock ART) / Untitled (Shock ART)

Filzstift, Wachskreide, Computerausdruckpapier / felt pen, wax crayon, perforated computer paper
Перфорированная компьютерная бумага, коллаж, фломастер, 30.5 x 42 cm , 1986


In the middle of the eighties E-E blends the dynamic assertive style of Pop Art and Comix, manifest in the speed of the working process, with vigorous and dense compositions; he calls it "b(l)ack art.This work takes up the figure of Timur Novikov from AR35 (www.e-e.eu/E-E/AR/imagepages/15.htm) through an "intermediate" work of a smaller size.

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